Why Chimney Care is Important

Are you the new owner of a home with a chimney? Maybe you are selling your house and for the first time, are thinking about having some chimney care done. Perhaps you have just learned that chimney care is a vital part of home maintenance! Whatever the case, Power’s Chimney and Masonry can provide you with the best chimney sweeps for the job! We specialize in all fireplace and chimney maintenance and repair needs. 

How Often Should a Chimney Be Cleaned?

Generally speaking, your chimney should be cleaned once a year. When scheduling a chimney care service, consider these factors:

  • How often is your fireplace used? 
  • Is your fireplace wood-burning? Wood-burning fireplaces build up creosote quickly, creating a need for frequent cleanings.
  • Is your fireplace gas-burning? Although gas fireplaces don’t cause creosote buildup, other issues can occur – leading to the need for annual inspections.

Scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection is the best way to ensure that your chimney stays debris-free and in top working order.

How to Tell Your Chimney May Need Cleaning

While you should have your chimney cared for annually, here are some indications you should get it done right away.

Your Fireplace Smells like a Campfire. 

Your fireplace shouldn’t smell like burning wood when nothing is in it. If it does, it’s time for a cleaning.

Fires Burn Oddly.

You probably know what a normal fire looks like and burns like. If yours is acting odd, it’s time for an inspection.

It Takes More Effort to get a Fire Going and Keep it Going. 

A clogged chimney can cause a fire to burn poorly. It shouldn’t be hard to get your fire started and keep it going.

Smoke Fills the Room.

The smoke should go up the chimney, not into the house! If it is coming into the room, your chimney is probably clogged.

The Fireplace Damper is Black. 

Soot buildup indicates the need for chimney cleaning. Learn how to prevent mold in your chimney to keep you and your family safe. 

Fireplace Walls have Oily Marks. 

Creosote can build up in the fireplace itself as well as the chimney. 

There’s Evidence of Animals.

Sometimes small animals and birds take up residence in a chimney. If you hear sounds or smell animals in your chimney, get it cleaned immediately.

Chimney Maintenance

Yearly chimney maintenance prevents hazards and keeps your home energy-efficient. It might come as a surprise, but your dryer vent also needs regular cleaning! Vent systems can build up debris as well, creating fire and health hazards.

Do Metal Chimney Flues Need Cleaning?

Yes! The flues can become clogged and damaged by debris.

Best Seasons to do Chimney Care

The ideal time of year for chimney care is the warmer months. This way your fireplace is not being used during inspections and cleaning.

Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplace maintenance is an important aspect of chimney care. At Power’s Chimney and Masonry, we take care of it all with excellence and expertise.

Do Gas Fireplace Chimneys Need Cleaning?

It’s obvious that wood-burning fireplaces need to be cleaned. Many people don’t realize that gas fireplaces need it as well, and should be inspected yearly.

What Does Chimney Care Prevent?

Chimney care helps prevent chimney fires, poor heating, bad odors in your home, and damaged chimneys and fireplaces. It can also prevent chimney leaks in heavy rain or snow. 

Finding a chimney sweep who is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America will ensure that your job is being done professionally and safely.

prevent chimney fires with regular chimney care

Areas We Service

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