What To Do If Your Chimney Leaks In Heavy Rain

If your chimney leaks in heavy rain, getting it fixed before it causes water damage is of utmost importance. Water can easily flow into your fireplace if the chimney’s leaking. Many new homeowners will discover that their chimney leaks when it rains, but not know exactly what to do about it. At the same time, people selling their homes may have put off fixing a leaky chimney, but know they need to do so before a buyer will consider the house.

At Power’s Chimney and Masonry, we want you to know that we have the skills and expertise to fix and prevent chimney leaks. When you call us, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. 

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

Chimney leaks can be caused by a number of factors. Keeping on top of your chimney repairs and maintenance will ensure that your chimney doesn’t leak in heavy rain or snow. At Power’s Chimney and Masonry, we perform routine chimney services to keep everything in working order! 


Rain, snow, and high winds can all contribute to a chimney leak. If your fireplace leaks when it rains, it’s time to get a chimney inspection and repair. The top of the chimney is constantly exposed to all of the elements. It needs to be inspected regularly to make sure that there are no cracks or breaks and to prevent water from getting in.

Needs to be Re-Waterproofed

If you are experiencing water coming down the chimney in heavy rain, it may need to be waterproofed again. Call us to schedule an inspection!

Age of the Home

Older homes usually have older chimneys. They are often made of bricks or stones that get small cracks in them. Sometimes the brick or stone crumbles, causing chimney or roof leaks.

Signs of a Leaking Chimney

The signs of a leaking chimney can be obvious or hidden. If you notice any of these signs, schedule a chimney inspection right away. We’ll come to see what is causing the problem and get it fixed for you!

Water Stains

If your metal chimney leaks in heavy rain, you might start to see water stains on your walls and ceiling around the chimney. If your brick or stone chimney leaks, you might also see stains on the stones or bricks. 

Musty Smell From Fireplace

Sitting water quickly creates mold, which can lead to a musty smell coming from your fireplace. This is likely a sign that your chimney leaks in heavy rain. Prevent mold in your chimney with a bi-annual chimney inspection. 

Water Inside Chimney

If you have a fireplace leaking or water inside the chimney, it’s time to get the chimney fixed. Over time, water damage can cause serious problems, including health risks from mold.

Damaged Chimney

The first indication you have is that your chimney leaks could be a damaged chimney. This might look like broken down stone or brick, or cracks and breaks in the chimney. If you have a stainless steel chimney liner, the leak might be less obvious from the inside of your home. 

Cracks On, Inside, or Outside of Chimney

If you have cracks in the chimney crown, chimney cap, or chimney flashings – or in the chimney itself – you probably have a leak. It’s important to have your chimney inspected annually. This will ensure that any cracks are caught early on, and can be fixed before the leak becomes a big issue.

Ways to Fix a Leaking Chimney

The best way to fix a chimney that leaks in heavy rain are to get a professional inspection. At Power’s, we can quickly assess the damage and make a plan for repair. As a homeowner, you may not know what you are looking for and have a difficult time finding the cause of the leak. Depending on the source and type of leak, we will choose the proper fix. It could be any of the following solutions.

image showing where the chimney can leak from in heavy rain

Waterproofing the Chimney

Sometimes repairing a chimney leak is as simple as waterproofing the chimney again. To do this, a coat of waterproofing solution will be added to the chimney to protect it from rain, snow, and other moisture.

Crown Repair

If the leak in your chimney is a result of a damaged crown, then repairing the crown will be necessary. This can be simple and quick or time-consuming and labor-intensive, depending on the damage. In some cases, you may need a new chimney crown.

Replace Chimney Caps

Chimney caps, not to be confused with the chimney crown, sit over the chimney flue and keep precipitation from entering. If they are cracked or otherwise damaged, they will leak and allow water into your chimney and fireplace. Chimney caps will be replaced to fix this problem.

Replace the Flashing

Chimney flashing acts as a moisture barrier between the chimney and the roof. If it is damaged or not properly sealed, it will leak. This can lead to water coming down into your home on the outside of the chimney. Our expert inspectors will quickly spot this problem and schedule a repair to take care of it!

Your Local Chimney Experts

At Power’s Chimney and Masonry, we provide excellent service to keep your masonry in top working order. Chimney leaks are no fun and can cause many problems. 

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