The Powers Guarantee

One year warranty on all standard work. There is a Manufacture’s lifetime warranty on caps and dampers. Warranties exclude negligence and poorly maintained masonry work. This includes, but is not limited to chimneys.

If you have a question about your warranty with Powers Chimney & Masonry, please call us at  (360) 691-9828 as soon as possible. Or you can send us a message? here.

Warranty Information Regarding Chimney Work:

The one year warranty will cover our masonry work and craftsmanship. If a problem occurs due to an error on the part of Powers Chimney & Masonry we will come out and fix the problem resulting from our error at no cost to the customer. This warranty does not apply to failure, damage, deterioration, or color change to the brick resulting from:

  • A storm, flood, hurricane, earthquakes, tornados, lightening, fire, or any other acts of God.
  • Any failure or cracking of brick work due to the settling of the foundation and existing masonry.
  • Collision, vandalism, war, civil unrest, and other accidental or intentional events.
  • Actions or chemicals provided by any other person other than employees of Powers Chimney & Masonry.

The warranty is also contingent upon proper maintenance and care of the masonry work. This includes yearly sweeps of the chimney and a sealer added once every 5 years.

There is a manufacturer?s lifetime warranty on stainless steel top mount dampers and stainless steel chimney caps that are installed by Powers Chimney & Masonry.

Cleanings are not part of a warranty, but they are essential to keep your warranty in good standing.

The flue inside your chimney suffers a gradual build-up of creosote (hard-layered residue from the smoke), which can catch fire. You have to clean your chimney periodically in order to avoid this. This isn’t a do-it-yourself project; you need to hire a professional to clean your chimney. You should have your chimney cleaned once a year if you use it a lot. If you use your fireplace two or three times per week during colder months, have it inspected and cleaned each year. Ask the inspector about the condition of your flue liner and (if you have a masonry chimney) mortar? Contact us? Today to talk about what we can do for you. Remember, all estimates are FREE!

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