Wood Stove Installations

Choosing to install a wood stove in your home can be a great decision when you want to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and improve the atmosphere in your home interiors. Wood stove installations are complex projects that require the correct placement of the venting system, proper clearance for the chimney system, and ample floor protection. Here at Powers Chimney & Masonry, our wood stove installation services are available regardless of the size and style of your home.

How Does a Wood-Burning Stove Work?

Wood-burning stoves are largely self-contained appliances that are meant to produce heat via wood combustion. There are many different styles and sizes of wood-burning stoves. However, the principles behind these stoves are the same regardless of the style you choose. The wood fire occurs within a stove that’s made from cast iron or steel. The body of this stove is then warmed, which allows for heat to be radiated throughout the surrounding area.

How Far Away from Walls Does a Wood Stove Have to Be?

Unless some form of wall protection is used, wood stoves should be positioned at least 36 inches away from a nearby wall.
Does a Wood Burning Stove Increase Home Value?
If you have a wood-burning stove installed in your home, the value of your home may increase by as much as 5% of its current value.

Is It Worth It to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Wood-burning stoves are highly beneficial if you want to obtain more heat output from fires when compared to open wood-burning fireplaces. You’ll also save a considerable amount of money on firewood over the years since these fires are able to be controlled more effectively.

How Do You Vent a Wood Stove Without a Chimney?

It’s possible to install a wood-burning stove without having a chimney if you have a dual wall flue system installed in your home. This type of system is comprised of a network of stainless steel pipes that are able to transport fumes from the fire outdoors.

Wood Stove Installation

If you want to obtain wood stove installations for your home, there’s a considerable amount of work that must be done, which includes roofing work, flooring installation, drywall repair, HVAC venting, and installing the actual wood stove.

The first step in this process involves installing flooring beneath the stove that will support the unit’s weight. This process could require rebuilding the subfloor or strengthening the joists.

A fire-resistant hearth can also be built directly below the stove to keep your home from being damaged while the stove is operational. Fresh air can be provided with an air intake that’s cut directly into one of your home’s exterior walls. The exhaust from your stove needs to be vented in a chimney pipe that’s positioned above the roof of your home.

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