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Tuckpointing Seattle

Chimney Tuck Pointing

Crumbling or cracked mortar can allow water into your chimney, which could cause water damage to your home. However, the professionals at?Powers?Chimney and Masonry, LLC?employ a process called tuck pointing to replace old or failed masonry, and protect your chimney.

We’re no strangers to rain here in the northwest, and we know that staying dry is the key to staying comfortable on a stormy day. You wouldn’t leave your car’s window rolled down on a stormy afternoon, so why would you leave your chimney vulnerable to water damage?

House Tuck Pointing

The most important thing to remember about maintaining a brick home, is that the mortar begins to decay long before the brick itself. Decaying masonry can allow water inside the home, which can do damage to your property. Need a solution??Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC?can help by tuck pointing the mortar between your bricks. This process ensures a watertight seal, and can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.

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