Chimney Rebuild and Repair

Chimneys serve an important purpose, but they can also be a lot of work. A faulty chimney is something no one wants to mess with – unless they are skilled professionals. At Powers Chimney and Masonry, we specialize in chimney rebuild and repair jobs that have the best DIYers shaking their heads.

We offer an array of chimney maintenance and other services. Let’s keep your chimney and masonry in top shape!

Services We Offer

From chimney leaks to masonry repairs and cleaning, we do it all! We are Seattle’s industry leader in chimney sweeping, chimney rebuilding, and chimney inspections.

Roofline Rebuild

If your chimney stack is malfunctioning, smoke and ash can ruin your roofline. Water damage around your chimney can also lead to cracking and other damage.

We rebuild damaged rooflines to protect your roof and chimney.

Full Rebuild

Sometimes, a chimney is so damaged that a complete chimney rebuild is necessary. Some signs that your chimney needs a rebuild to include the following:

  • Spalling bricks (this is when the bricks are falling out of the structure, either in pieces or as whole bricks)
  • Flue tiles in your fireplace (this can happen when water gets between your chimney and flue liner)

If you have signs of major chimney damage, get in touch so we can schedule an inspection. Whether you need a full or partial rebuild, we will deliver quality results and customer satisfaction!


Chimney crowns protect your chimney from weather damage. It can be hard to know when they need repairs because we don’t see them unless we are on the rooftop.

It’s a good idea to schedule regular chimney sweeps and inspections, so you will know if anything is damaged. 


Chimney flashing protects the chimney and the roof from water damage. Because roofs and masonry chimneys expand and contract differently, there is often a significant gap between the two. 

Keeping water out of this area is critical. We can handle all your flashing repairs!

  • Roof Flashing
  • Counter Flashing

Brick Chimney Repair

We offer brick chimney repairs and rebuilds. If you have an older home with a brick chimney that you’d love to keep, get in touch with us for a full chimney restoration. 

Chimney Crack Repair

Whether you have brick and mortar or any other type of chimney, cracks can happen. We repair them before they become a bigger issue.

Chimney Siding Repair

Is your chimney siding getting a bit old? Or maybe it is fully broken? We provide siding repair to restore your chimney to its full glory.

Chimney and Fireplace Repair

No matter what part of your fireplace and chimney needs repair, we can handle it. 

Chimney Brick Repair

Sometimes the brickwork on your chimney needs to be repaired. If you are scheduling regular cleanings, we will be able to spot damages and repair them right away.

Locations We Service

We serve the Seattle area with excellence and integrity.

  • Arlington
  • Everett
  • Edmonds
  • Seattle
  • Mercer Island
  • Bellevue
  • Kirkland
  • Woodinville
  • South Snohomish
  • North King County

Signs You Need our Services

If you are wondering whether you need chimney rebuild and repair services, here are some things to look for:

  • Efflorescence (this is an unusual white stain across the brick of a chimney)
  • Cracked or deteriorated mortar joints
  • Spalling bricks
  • Cracked or melted crown
  • Shaling flue tiles
  • Deteriorated flashing
  • Wallpaper and paint damage near your chimney

We can handle your chimney needs! Get in touch today to get started. What are your chimney rebuild and repair needs?

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