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Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair Seattle
Powers Chimney and Masonry offers Seattle chimney repair to keep your healthy home free from toxic gas and keep your chimney looking great! A properly sealed chimney is essential to having a safe fire, and Powers Chimney and Masonry can help you make sure that your home is fire-ready for winter.

Chimney Damage

Depending on where you live, there are many factors which can cause lasting damage to your chimney. Here in the Seattle area, rain and earthquakes have the potential to crack, break, and harm your chimney.

Repair and Masonry Work

Let Powers Chimney and Masonry help you protect and repair your chimney.?Because we are masonry professionals, we have the ability to fix cracked or damaged mortar through a process called tuckpointing. We can also repair or replace broken chimney liners.

Weather Caps

A weather cap can protect the inside of your flue and chimney liner from all kinds of weather damage. But, a broken or ineffective weather cap will provide insufficient protection, and leave your chimney and masonry vulnerable to the elements. Our professional team can replace or install a new weather cap for you, quickly and at your convenience.

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