Chimney Cleaning

If you are a homeowner with a fireplace, you probably know that you need to hire a chimney cleaner to inspect and clean your chimney regularly. If the extent of your chimney knowledge is Chim Chim Cher-ee, then read on to learn what you need to know!

How Often Should a Chimney Be Cleaned?

How often you will need a chimney cleaner depends on how often you use your fireplace and what type of fuel you burn. Buildup from coal or wood smoke can result in chimney fires if it is not cleaned out regularly. If creosote builds up and isn’t cleaned out, it can be hazardous.

Maybe you only use it for a few hours a day and burn smokeless fuels, like oil or gas. In this case, you will need to get chimney inspections and cleanings done at least once a year. If you use your fireplace more than that or burn coal or wood, plan to see your certified chimney sweep once each season.

What Types of Chimneys Need Cleaning?

When you think of a chimney cleaner, a large brick chimney with a wood stove probably comes to mind. However, there are several types of chimneys that need to be cleaned.

Wood stove

Wood stove chimneys need to be swept with the proper chimney cleaning tool four times a year. Professional chimney sweeps are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America. They have the necessary training and skills and use the correct cleaning tools for each job.

Metal chimney flues

Metal chimney flues need to be cleaned with the proper chimney brush at least once a year, depending on your fuel.

Services We Offer Along With Chimney Cleaning

At Powers Chimney and Masonry, we know that keeping your fireplace and chimney in top working order is important for your health and safety.  It also adds to the quality of your home. Besides chimney cleaning, we offer a range of services:

  • Chimney, fireplace, and smoke chamber inspections
  • Masonry repairs
  • Damage and leak repairs
  • Full and partial rebuilds

We are the local industry leader. We pride ourselves on a job well done and customer satisfaction!

Areas we service

We serve the Seattle area:

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  • North King County

No matter what type of fireplace or chimney you own, it is vital that you have it properly cleaned and inspected regularly. We promise complete satisfaction! What can we help you with today?

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