Demo Chimney Marysville, WA

Project Details:

  • Demo chimney from roof line up and haul away.
  • Rebuild chimney from roof line up with brick of choice.
  • Install new chimney counter flashing.
  • Install new 16×16 flue tiles from roof line up.
  • Build form with drip edge.
  • Pour concrete crown.
  • Install new stainless steel chimney caps.
  • Seal chimney from roof line up on a dry day.

This was a chimney rebuild were we had to rip out all the old materials and rebuild with new marterials. The main feature that was added was new counterflashing and building of a new drip edge. The main issue we are trying to prevent is water damage to your roof. In this Washington climate we make sure to use the best materials so that you and your family don’t have to worry about your chimney for the next 10 years. Our counterflashing technique helps water better flow off your roof and into your gutters making it far less likly to reciew water damage.

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