Chimney Cap Replacement Lake Forest Park, WA

Project Details:

  • Remove chimney to roof line and haul away.
  • Rebuild chimney using brick of choice.
  • Install new chimney counter flashing.
  • Install new 8×8 and 12×12 flues tiles as needed from roof line up.
  • Build form with drip edge.
  • Pour concrete crown.
  • Install 8×8 stainless steel chimney cap.
  • Seal chimney from roof line up on a dry day.

For this project not only did we do a chimney repair but we went ahead and installed a new 8×8 stainless steel chimney cap. Chimney caps not only help prevent further water damage to a chimney but also prevent ash from being blown into your living room. Most people don’t even realize their caps are damage and or missing untill there chimney has already created a mess. Installing a new chimney cap will help minimize down drafts.

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