How to Prevent Mold in Your Chimney

Mold in your chimney is not something to ignore. It presents a health risk to anyone in your home and indicates that you have a moisture issue in your chimney. What Causes Mold in a Chimney? Like mold anywhere, fireplace and chimney mold can cause a musty odor,...

What To Do If Your Chimney Leaks In Heavy Rain

If your chimney leaks in heavy rain, getting it fixed before it causes water damage is of utmost importance. Water can easily flow into your fireplace if the chimney’s leaking. Many new homeowners will discover that their chimney leaks when it rains, but not know...

Why Chimney Care is Important

Are you the new owner of a home with a chimney? Maybe you are selling your house and for the first time, are thinking about having some chimney care done. Perhaps you have just learned that chimney care is a vital part of home maintenance! Whatever the case, Power’s...

Fall Is Here: Is Your Chimney Ready?

Fall is finally upon us here in the Seattle area, bringing cold temperatures. The low fall temperatures have many homeowners stocking up on firewood as they prepare to build cozy fires in their fireplaces. But is your chimney ready for another season of constant use?...

5 Reasons You Should Install A Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is more than a decorative element. Protects the interior of the fireplace from rain and other inclement weather, curious animals, and damage caused by strong winds. In addition, the air loss is slowed down through the upper part of the chimney, keeping...

How to Tell if Your Chimney Needs a Rebuild

Are your bricks spalling? Adapting a white sheen? Is water trickling through open spaces that shouldn't be there? Does your chimney leak with heavy rain or snow? If you're experiencing any or all of these symptoms? with your chimney, it may be time for a complete...

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